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Environmental Policy

Materials and equipment

Snow Business sources all products from the most ethical and eco-friendly source possible. Many of our products contain recycled materials with some containing up to 100%.


Back in the 1980’s the company found success because it offered the most eco-friendly materials. The Company is well aware that it can only retain its position as world leader for artificial snow and winter effects by striving constantly to find better and more eco-friendly materials and equipment.

Offices and warehousing

The company has invested in a 17th century water mill that it has converted into its head office and UK base. The maximum amount of the building’s original fabric was preserved, where it could not be preserved, renewable or recycled materials were used to repair it. We also maintain the acres of waterways, trees, meadow and even have an orchard that provides fresh fruit for us all. All foul waste is processed on site through our own Biodisc. Snow Business is also working with local government to install a 50kw hydroelectric power scheme.

Carbon footprint

The company does not believe in carbon offsetting. Rather than offset, the company is looking to achieve carbon neutrality, or even carbon saving, by more ethical means.

The future

In 2009 we are working with specialists and university departments to reduce our carbon footprint even further. This includes: 

  • A full, more detailed review of all our suppliers and their processes. 
  • A full analysis of the impact of all our products, including application, use and disposal. This Eco-rating will allow customers to compare the impact of each. 
  • Further reviews of our site and premises to gain as much carbon neutrality as possible, including the hydropower scheme and solar energy.