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Buying guides

When buying artificial snow, there are a few important points to consider, this quick guide should help to point you in the right direction.


Where do you want to use snow. Once you are sure about this then you can make a choice based on these simple rules:


When working outdoors we use many products, but always ensure that they are safe to use for the environment. For this we work with our paper and foam materials, these are all available in chemical free versions such as SnowCel HSX or SnowCel FSX and PowderFrost. These materials are all completely biodegradable and safe for use on plant life. Foam falling snow is also entirely safe in any situation and will not cause harm to plant life and vegetation.


When working indoors it is often more simple to use plastic materials as they are easy to clear away and provide fireproof options for safety considerations. If you are creating a snow scene in an indoor environment our most popular product is Display Snow Medium. Other products can be used to compliment Display snow such as SnowSparkle and SnowBlanket. We also offer fireproof paper materials; SnowCel HS and SnowCel FS, which are completely fireproof and great for producing realistic snow scenes for any film or television production.

Settled or Falling snow

When considering the look you would like to achieve you must consider if you would like just a coverage of snow on the ground, or if you would like to compliment this snow effect with a falling snow effect.

Settled snow

Ground cover snow, laid snow or just plain snow, this effect is easy to create using any one of our standard artificial snow products. Our most popular options are Display Snow Medium and SnowCel HSX, however many of our range of settled snow products can produce a realistic settled snow effect.

Falling snow

If you require a magical falling snow effect then our falling snow machines combined with our snow fluid will enable you to create a fantastic falling snow effect, either using a small SnowBoy machine or a larger SnowForce machine you can create a self clearing, dry foam, melting falling snow effect..