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Meet the team

Meet the snow business team

Meet the snow business team

Snow Business has been making snow and winter effects for films, TV & advertising, corporate and live events worldwide since 1983. In that time there has been constant development of people, equipment, materials and systems to achieve the desired effects. We understand the importance of customer service and communication. Our production team includes a contracts department who are dedicated to client liaison throughout the project. While Snow Business has worked hard to be the best we strive to be even better with ever more eco-friendly products and new faster, easier to use delivery systems from our snow company.

Meet the snow business team

Our crews are full time accredited snow technicians with a proven work record spanning a number of years and covering a comprehensive range of equipment, materials and snow making systems. We have worked with BECTU to develop the industry standard for this area of expertise. The scheme is monitored by JIGS, the Joint Industry Grading Scheme. 

Our development team

Many jobs that we take on are unique with their own set of requirements and challenges. We have sourced the best equipment available. When the right machinery couldn’t be found, we made our own. So, most of the kit we use is unique to us, developed during our years of experience helping directors, producers and designers to achieve the seemingly impossible. From molten wax you can spray onto actors to state of the art machinery developed specifically for use at extremely low temperatures.

Commitment to people and the environment.

Snow Business is committed to using eco-friendly products and machinery that have been produced by people earning a fair wage. We are the acknowledged experts on producing winter effects on sensitive sites, for example sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), developing an eco-friendly ground cover that biodegrades as a fertilizer. We also work as consultants for organisations such as English Heritage advising them on safe techniques and location protection systems for their historic landmark buildings.